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Quick Start Guide

This guide will help you quickly set up a basic CrowdGlow system within a few minutes. If you require any assistance at all, please don’t hesitate to ask for help via our Live Chat at the bottom right of this page, or alternatively via email:


  • CrowdGlow Transmitter

  • iPad (iOS 12+)

  • 2 x Antennas

  • 1 x Ethercon to Cat5 cable

  • 1 x Cat 5 cable

  • 1 x Apple Lightning camera connection kit

  • 1 x Apple USB to Ethernet adapter

  • 1 x Lightning to USB cable

  • 1 x iPad Charging plug

  • 1 x Power over ethernet (POE) power supply or POE enabled switch / router

Step 1

  • Carefully screw the two supplied antennas onto the gold screw terminals on the top of the unit.

Step 2

  • Connect the Apple camera connection kit into the lightning cable and plug into the charging plug.

  • Connect the ethernet adapter into the usb port of the camera connection kit

  • Finally, and only after the charging plug is powered, connect the camera connection kit to your iPad. Power needs to be applied prior to connecting to the iPad otherwise you will get an error.

Step 3

  • Connect one end of the Cat 5 cable to the iPad ethernet adapter, then connect the other end into the LAN port of your POE power supply or switch.

  • Take the Cat 5 end of the ethercon cable and connect it to the POE port of your POE power supply or switch

  • Finally connect the ethercon end of the cable into the CrowdGlow transmitter

  • The red power LED will light up

  • After roughly 20 seconds, the amber ready LED will light up. The transmitter is now ready to transmit.

Step 4

  • Confirm you have an ethernet connection on your iPad by going to Settings > Ethernet. The USB ethernet adapter should be listed, if it isn’t - try reconnecting the adapter and double check it is powered by an official iPad charging plug. (Cheap replica plugs often don’t supply enough power!)

  • Launch the CrowdGlow Pro app on your iPad

  • Login with your username and password

  • Any custom cues you have will automatically sync to your controller

  • Go to the Transmitters tab and increase the External count to 1

  • After a few seconds the green signal LED will start flashing on your transmitter

Step 5

  • Confirm your setup by launching your CrowdGlow app on a phone

  • Tap to change the colour on the controller and you will see the phone change colour

  • Confirm you have good signal coverage in your venue by having someone walk round the perimeter of your venue while you toggle between different colours.

You’re all set!

Congratulations, you’ve just setup your CrowdGlow system and are now ready to light up your audience.

For full documentation on controlling your show, including scripting and timecode options, check out the CrowdGlow Pro documentation below.