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CrowdGlow Transmitter

Data Sheet



With a pair of 5dbi antennas, the range exceeds 300 meters in all directions (clear line of sight). Different antennas can be used to shape the signal path, making it smaller or larger. Multiple transmitters can be used to cover larger areas.

Dual Radios

As standard, the dual bluetooth radios provide faster updates, increased bandwidth and an additional level of redundancy.


The CrowdGlow bluetooth signal is broadcast on 3 different channels concurrently within the 2.4ghz spectrum to provide a robust signal. These channels sit outside the the ones used for Wifi and other wireless equipment, meaning even in congested radio environments, CrowdGlow will continue to operate with no interference.

POwer over Ethernet

A single ethercon cable is all that is required to power and send data to the transmitter.


A removable cheese plate mount allows the unit to be placed flat on a table or attached to a pole via clamp.

Over the air firmware Updates

Firmware can be easily updated via the CrowdGlow Pro controller.

Remote Diagnostics

Latency, CPU, Memory and other diagnostic information is continually received by the CrowdGlow Pro controller, allowing you know exactly what is happening. Remote restarting is also available. 



Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1

Frequency range

2.402 ~ 2.480GHz

Transmit Output Power


Radio modules: Regulatory approvals

FCC, CE, TELEC, KCC, IC, Bluetooth SIG